Childcare will be provided by American Family Fitness in Mechanicsville, for children one and walking* during shopping hours on a first come first serve basis.
Yes you can shop kid free!!
Not only will you get a little break but the kids will have a blast too. American Family provides a wide range of activities from kids ages 2-13. Click here to learn more details and see a schedule of childrens event for each day.
General Rules:
  • You will need to sign your child in and provide a drivers lience.
  • You and your child will be give a sticker with matching numbers.
  • All parents must stay in the building when their child is in Kid Zone.
  • A 2 hour maximum on the amount of time the childcare can be used.
  • Please do not bring sick kids into Kid Zone and the parent is responsible for letting AMFAM know if there are any special needs.
  • Diapers and wipes are not provided and must br brought if your child is not potty trained.
  • Toys from home and gaming devices are discouraged.
  • Kid Zone can not provide any medication including ointments for diaper rash to your child.
  • You may provide dry snacks but chewing gum, candy, fast food, popcorn, nuts or any items containing peanut butter are not premitted. Drinks are allowed in a spill proof lid. Please label all snacks or drinks.
*American Family Fitness in Mechanicsville does accept children under the age of one on a normal basis but for the purposes of our sale they are accepting all children one and walking.