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Busy Moms
MyConsigner Website Instructions
New and returning consignors
•  Consignors will start out earning 65% of all sales and get one presale pass.
•  If you complete a three-hour volunteer shift, you earn 70%, your $10 registration fee back and two presale passes. If you complete two three-hour volunteer shifts, you earn 75%, your $10 registration fee back and three presale passes.
•  There is a fee of $10 when you register to consign but if you volunteer you will get that back.
•  All consignors will use . If you are a new consignor, you will have to create an account, (once you create and account you will need to make a Seller ID which you make up and can be no longer than 6 characters) , and if you are a returning consignor or have a MyConsignor account, you can transfer already entered tags to the Busy Bees Kidsignment sale (click here for instructions for using MyConsignor website.)
•  If you are too busy, please click here, and we can do everything for you with our Busy Mom tagging service! THIS SERVICE IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE FALL/WINTER 2018 SALE
•  ALL consignors must sign a seller's agreement .

•  The cutoff time for a new seller to register and enter items is Tuesday August 7th at 3 p.m.
• HELPFUL TIPS and TRICKS:  Pricing Document,    Preparing for the sale
• You will only have to enter your items once. Once your items are entered you will be able to transfer you unsold items from sale to sale!
Consignor Instructions
Quick Facts:
  1. Sign up and make a seller ID    
  2. Enter items (choose to donate or discout)    
  3. Print tags with black ink on white cardstock
  4. Hang/prepare items and tag                                                                                                                                                                         (put unique tape on coat hangers to easily see your items at pick up.)
  5. Schedule a check in  and volunteer time (if you choose)
  6. Drop off items, sellers agreement, inventory sheet,                                                                                                      addressed and stamped envelope at scheduled check-in time
  7. Shop
  8. Pick up items (bring inventory sheet)
•  Consignors must have a minimum of 10 items and be registered by Tuesday March 6th
•  Items must be priced in $0.50 increments (for example: $1.00, $1.50) with a minimum price of $1.00
•  Pin tags on clothing in the upper right with safety pins, making sure the barcode is easily readable
•  Print all tags on white cardstock paper with a ink jet printer
•  Hang all items/clothes so the coat hanger makes a question mark (“?”)
•  Please have your clothing ordered by gender and size at drop-off
•  Try to keep two piece sets on one hanger. If you need to hang them on two separate hangers, make sure the hangers are attached at the top with a rubber band
•  Toys MUST have working batteries to be accepted
•  Toys, equipment, and other items must be cleaned thoroughly prior to drop-off
•  Forms must be filled out and attached to  car seats, pack 'n plays
Car Seat Verification Form (Car seats will not be accepted if over five years old)
Pack 'n Play Verification Form
•  Place items with multiple pieces in clear bags taped close
•  Use masking tape to place tags on items (packaging tape can ruin items) and make sure the tape is not covering the barcode
•  Puzzles, games and DVDs must be taped closed with masking tape
•  Place shoes in clear plastic bags (tape the bag closed) or attach the two shoes with zip ties
•  Please make sure all clothing is buttoned and free of odors, stains, and holes
•  Any items that you wish to be donated will be donated to God’s Closet, Loving Arms Children’s Outreach and books to Children's Museum of Richmond
•  DROP-OFF: Wednesday, March 13th from 6 P.M. - 7:30 P.M. and Thursday, March 13th from 9 A.M. -1:00 P.M. At drop-off, bring your tagged items, a copy of your inventory sheet, a self-addressed and stamped envelope, a signed copy of your seller agreement, and any verification forms (see above).  You will also need to let us know if you plan on picking up your unsold items (if you do not we will assume you will be donating them).
•  PICK-UP: Sunday March 17th from 12 P.M. to 2 P.M (no exceptions) bring a photo ID and your seller number.
If you told us you would be picking up your unsold items will be organized by seller number at pick up.
•  We will send out checks within a two weeks of the sale’s end
What we accept
•  Seasonal clothing from preemie to teen and maternity (March sale – summer items, August sale – winter items)
•  Clothes accepted year-round: jeans and some pants, any pajamas, onesies, and sleepers
•  Strollers, car seats less than five years old, pack 'n plays, high chairs
•  Children’s accessories – diaper bags, slings/carriers, feeding items, bows, jewelry, hats, belts, sunglasses etc.
•  Breastfeeding items
•  Shoes in excellent to good condition
•  Baby equipment

•  Large toys (ex. kitchens), wagons, bikes and all outdoor toys
•  Toys, books, DVDs, sports equipment, games, puzzles, uniforms, costumes, and riding toys

•  NO Furniture, cribs, stuffed animals, mattresses or pillows will be accepted
We DO NOT accept recalled items. You can check this website for car seats: . Check these two links for all other items or

Note: if you make over $600 in any given year by law we have to give you a 1099.
Busy Bees Kidsignment will not be held responsible for any damaged or lost items.