What types of payment are accepted?

How much can I make?

How can I shop early?

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover
You can make up to 75% of your sales.
Busy Moms 40%
Consignors 65%
Three-hour volunteers 70% (free registration)
Six-hour volunteers 75% (free registration)
You can shop our pre-sale if you consign or volunteer with us, new or expecting mother, or have been given a pass by another consignor or volunteer.

How should I print my tags?

Where can I find hangers?

What type of clothing is accepted at the sale?

Tags must be printed on WHITE cardstock set at a high quality for printing. This is so that the barcode can be scanned.  
You can try your local dry cleaners and ask for the recycled hangers or ask friends. If you have to purchase them, we have found that they are cheapest at Walmart and the Dollar Store.
For the spring sale, all summer clothes (short sleeves, capris, skirts, and shorts), PJs, jeans, bathing suits, costumes, uniforms, athletic wear, and any infant clothes
For the fall sale, all winter clothes (long sleeves, capris, pants), PJs, jeans, jackets, costumes, uniforms, athletic wear, and any infant clothes

How do I hang and tag a single or multi-piece outfit?

What happens to my unsold items?

How should I prepare shoes to be sold?

Make sure the coat hanger makes a question mark (“?”) when hung. Secure clothing on each side of the hanger with safety pins. Secure the printed tag on the upper right side of the clothing with a safety pin. You may want to add a piece of tape to the top of the hanger to know which items are yours easier when you pick them up.
For multi-piece outfits, it is best to secure all items on one hanger using safety pins; however, if you need to use multiple hangers, you may do so. Just attach all the hangers at the neck of the hanger using a rubber band.
If an item of clothing does not meet these guidelines, we will unfortunately have to reject it.
If you do not pick up your unsold items, they will be donated.  At pick-up, you will need to bring your seller’s log and a photo ID. Someone else can pick up your items, but we ask that you give them signed written permission along with the seller’s log and their photo ID. 
You can either put both shoes in a plastic bag that is closed and sealed with packaging tape and attach the tag with tape that doesn’t go over the barcode. You can also attach your two shoes together with wire ties and punch a hole in the top of the tag and attach that to the wire tie too.